25 Jan Lumbar Microdisectomy

Lumbar Microdiscectomy is a procedure commonly performed by Neurosurgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons to treat the symptoms associated with pressure upon Spinal nerve in the lower back. It is particularly effective for treating pain in the buttocks or the legs known as Sciatica. When a nerve...

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neurosurgeon dr yanni sergides

01 Dec Christmas appeal under the microscope

Mosman Daily, 30 November 2017, page 29 A NORTH shore resident is the face of the Kolling Foundation’s Christmas appeal for the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH), after the hospital saved his life five years ago. Kevin Luu suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury while cycling and was unable to walk...

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30 Oct Back to the future

Huge advances in technology are helping spinal surgeons achieve better outcomes for patients in ways that were never previously possible.There have been vast improvements in spinal surgery over the past 30 years. Most have been facilitated by technology that allows surgeons to better visualise spinal...

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