Spinal deformity occurs most commonly as a result of degenerative disease, though there are other causes. The condition may lead to pain, loss of function and reduction in quality of life. Patients may be bent forward and find it very difficult to stand upright (kyphosis) or have a “twisted” spine (scoliosis).

Scoliosis and deformity surgery is typically performed by spinal surgeons who have undertaken further advanced training.

Dr Sergides performs this surgery and some example cases are presented below.

Case 1:

**Not all patients with kyphosis or scoliosis will benefit from surgical intervention and each case must be assessed individually.

Case 2- 72 yo man with Kypho-scoliosis and camptocormia. Before and after correction

Case 3- 86 year old lady before and 6 months after surgery for kypho-scoliosis

Case 4: Before and after video and image of a lady following correction of kyphoscoliosis.

kyphoscoliosis surgeon sydney

Case 5: A further example showing the improvement in posture following surgical correction in a lady with kyphoscoliosis.

Case 6: Pre and post operative images showing the correction of spinal deformity in a lady with degenerative kyphoscoliosis.

Case 7: pre and post operative video of gait of an 83 year old lady following multi-level fusion for radiculopathy and back pain.